Jun 2, 2022 • 2M

Can a Bad Book Be Sold with a Good Marketing Plan?

Good Content Is Crucial, Great Content Is Even Better

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John Kremer
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Question: Can any book, no matter the content or quality of writing, be sold with your book marketing plans?

John’s Answer: A bad book can’t be sold no matter how good the plan of action. You can sell a few copies of a bad book, but once the word gets out — and it always does — then you will sell few additional copies.

Content is important in book marketing. The quality of writing is important in book marketing. The cover and design of the book are important in marketing a book.

The fundamental first step in marketing books is to create a good book in the first place. That involves the author in writing a good book — both in content and in the quality of writing.

Then the publisher takes over by editing and designing a great book — with a great cover.

Only then will marketing produce the results you hope it will.

Source: Book Marketing FAQs – Book Marketing Answers to Help You Sell More Books: https://bookmarketingbestsellers.com/book-marketing-faqs.

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