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Jason Barnard: The Brand SERP Guy

Jason Barnard: The Brand SERP Guy

How to optimize your brand SERP and your brand knowledge panel

In this episode of the Book Marketing Success Podcast, I got the chance to interview Jason Barnard, author of The Fundamentals of Brand SERPs for Business: Google Is Your New Business Card and It Is Up to You to Optimize Yours.

Brand SERPs are search engine result pages generated by Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo when users type a set of words into a search engine to discover more details for information they seek.

Jason Barnard, The Brand SERP Guy, teaches people how to convince search engines to showcase the optimal details about themselves, their companies, or their brand names. As Jason notes,

Google is key to managing the online presence of your business. Think of the Google search results for your brand name as a digital business card—the single most important online representation of your brand message.

In The Fundamentals of Brand SERPs for Business, Jason uses exclusive insight from his business, Kalicube, to explain why Brand SERPs are a vital part of any digital marketing strategy.

Google reflects the world’s opinion of your brand, so learning how to tailor your Brand SERP elevates brand credibility, audience engagement, and overall success. With other brands leaving their online reputation to chance, now’s the time to make your Brand SERP sexy so you can surpass your competition.

Among other occupations, Jason has been a musician, a screenwriter, a songwriter, a digital marketer, a software developer, and a blue cartoon dog.

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