May 28, 2020 • 2M

Book Marketing Minute: The Best Happy Hour

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John Kremer share stories of real-life book authors who have marketed their books in innovative, fun, and money-making ways. He talks about bestseller strategies, licensing subsidiary rights, creating large Internet tribes, social networking for book sales and prestige, and ultimately selling a lot of books. These stories are short, sweet, practical, inspirational, and doable by any book author, whether a self-publisher, an author published by a big publisher, or a Kindle ebook author. You will love this show! Please subscribe now. Thanks. This Book Writing Podcast is designed to educate and inspire writers, book authors, novelists, poets, storytellers, and content creators of all sorts. It focuses on how and why to write a book. This Book Publishing Podcast is designed to educate and inspire book publishers and self-publishers to edit, design, distribute, and promote the best books. This Book Marketing Podcast is designed to educate and inspire book authors and publishers to do a better job publicizing, promoting, and marketing their books. I know at least 1001 Ways to Market Your Books! This Content Creation Podcast is designed to educate and inspire all content creators, including writers, bloggers, podcasters, videomakers, social media marketers, and internet marketers with new ideas and the latest promotional opportunities.
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It’s time to give up your old happy hour of drinking and snacking after work. If you want to sell more books, you need to start a new Happy Hour—an hour in the morning or early afternoon where you pick up the phone and call people who could make a difference in marketing your books: media people, editors, bloggers, podcasters, website owners, social media influencers, etc.

In an hour, you can call four or five top influencers and have meaningful discussions with them. Ask them what you can do for them? Focus on that in the beginning. After you’ve created a helpful relationship, you can ask them if they can help you as well.

The best help you can offer each other is simple: Interview each other on your podcasts, or Facebook Lives, or Google Meetings, or Skype calls, Zoom calls, Whereby calls, etc. Or on your new podcast on!

Join me sometime soon on my video space.

Once you interview your new friend, social share that sucker everywhere and everywhen you can. Once your new friend interviews you, again, social share that sucker everywhere and everywhen you can. And ask your friend to do the same.

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